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Tooth Extraction Marriottsville, MD

Do you have overcrowded, crooked teeth? Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain? Contact Dovedale Dental Care for a dental extraction today. Dr. Puneet Agarwal offers general dental treatments like extractions to keep the mouth healthy. Some patients may think that extractions are painful. However, Dr. Agarwal ensures that every patient feels comfortable during extraction treatment. He uses local anesthetic and sedation dentistry for pain-free care. Dr. Agarwal also offers dental implants as needed after patients heal from extractions. If you have overcrowded, infected, or even impacted teeth, ask Dr. Agarwal about tooth extraction treatment in Marriottsville, MD.

Tooth Extraction in Marriottsville, Maryland

Tooth Extractions in Marriottsville, MD

Dental extractions are categorized as simple or complex. Simple tooth extractions remove teeth that are above the gum line. We only need to apply local anesthesia to remove these teeth and treatment is quick and efficient. Complex tooth extractions remove teeth that are at or below the gum line. We use dental sedation for complex extractions because it will take more time and effort to remove these teeth.

Our office removes wisdom teeth, which are the last adult teeth that emerge behind the back molars. Wisdom teeth can easily become impacted, which means that they do not emerge properly. These teeth can come in at different angles and dig into the back molars. If you feel your wisdom teeth coming in or have pain in the back of your mouth, contact our office. We will plan an extraction procedure to remove your wisdom teeth and prevent damage to your natural smile.

What is a Root Canal?

We can save an infected tooth from extraction if patients visit our office in a timely manner. Call us if you notice sudden tooth pain, cavities, or tooth discoloration. These are signs of dental infections that can easily infect the whole smile. A root canal is a procedure that removes infected pulp from within a tooth. The dental pulp is made up of nerves, cells, and blood vessels that keep the tooth healthy. Once harmful bacteria reach inside of a tooth they need to be removed. During root canal treatment, we make a small hole inside of the tooth. We remove the dental pulp and disinfect the tooth chamber. Finally, we seal the tooth with a dental filling.

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