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Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

If you sustain damage to your tooth, whether gradually over time or through an acute dental injury, your smile could be at risk of further harm without dental treatment. Your dentist will likely recommend restoring your tooth’s health with a dental crown. This ceramic cap covers a vulnerable tooth and seals into place with dental cement.

You can learn how this dental tool will help your unique needs when you schedule a consultation with your dentist. But you can also read on to find four ways that a dental crown can improve your oral health.

benefits of dental crown treatment

4 Benefits from Dental Crown Treatment

Restore Weakened Dental Structure

Your teeth feature a protective outer layer called enamel which will shield the more vulnerable dentin in the interior of your tooth. Though durable, enamel might wear down or erode over time, sometimes due to factors outside of your control like aging.

Once gone, the enamel will not regrow, so you will have weak spots in your tooth. This can leave you with tooth sensitivity and a higher risk of dental dangers like cavities.

Your dentist might want to replace thin or weak enamel with a dental crown. The hard ceramic will serve as a solid substitute for lost enamel. And it creates a seal over the tooth to protect it from further harm.

Repair Broken Teeth

Even with diligent preventative care, you might suffer an accident that will result in a crack, chip, or fracture in a tooth. Though you might not always feel pain after this dental injury, tooth breakage makes your teeth vulnerable to other damage. And the break can worsen without urgent intervention from your dentist.

The dentist can restore the structure of your tooth after this dental emergency by covering it with a dental crown. It improves the look of the tooth by hiding tooth breakage. And it stops it from deepening or allowing bacteria to hurt the tooth. With proper care, the crown can remain in place for fifteen years or longer.

Brighten Discolored Teeth

The dental crown is known for its restorative advantages, but it can provide cosmetic benefits for your smile too. Dentists build crowns on a custom basis for each of their patients.

This ensures a comfortable and secure fit of the fixture. But it also means they make the crowns appear both gorgeous in natural in the patient’s smile.

They factor in color, size, and shape to make a beautiful cap that can enhance the look of a patient’s tooth. The crown can cover stubborn discoloration to help a patient achieve their smile aesthetic goals.

Support Other Dental Work

Dental crowns offer many benefits as a singular treatment. But they can also support other dental procedures. For instance, a dentist will use a crown as a prosthetic tooth atop a single dental implant.

Dentists also employ crowns to cover and preserve a tooth after treating it for advanced tooth decay. The crown will also protect a vulnerable tooth following root canal therapy. Learn more by calling your dentist in Marriottsville, MD at 410.498.6268.