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Dentures are a part of restorative dentistry. Partial dentures restore rows of lost teeth, while complete or full dentures restore arches of missing teeth. Dr. Puneet Agarwal offers treatment with dentures to his patients at Dovedale Dental Care in Marriottsville, MD. Dentures can renew the appearance and full function of the smile. Receiving dentures improves the bite, supports the facial structure, and helps combat speech problems. We recommend dentures for patients with multiple missing teeth to create fuller, healthier smiles.

Dentures in Marriottsville, Maryland

Removable vs. Implant-Secured Dentures in Marriottsville

Traditional dentures are removable. Complete dentures consist of a gum-colored base and porcelain or acrylic false teeth. Partial dentures are similar to dental bridges because they fill the gaps around natural teeth. However, these dentures require adhesive to stay in place. Denture adhesive can be messy and does not fully support the bite. Patients with traditional removable dentures may find it hard to eat sticky, crunchy, or hard foods.

Alternatively, implant-supported dentures support the bite and make it easier for patients to eat with fewer dietary restrictions. Additionally, implant-secured restorations last longer without the need for constant repairs. We can secure an upper or lower arch of teeth with four to eight dental implants.

Treatment with Dentures

Although we recommend implant-secured dentures over removable options, some patients may not have enough bone tissue to support their implants. Therefore, we recommend bone grafting for these patients. Bone grafting takes healthy bone tissue from another part of the mouth and places it where it is needed to support a restoration.

Before treatment, we take digital scans of the teeth to see where dentures are needed. We also use these scans to plan where to place the dental implants. In addition, our team can place implants for patients who already have dentures. It takes time for the implants to fully heal, but it’s worth it for a longer-lasting, more durable restoration.

Create a Fuller Smile

Do you want to try dental implants to secure your dentures? Call 410-442-1173 or schedule a dental consultation with our dentists online. Please let our office know if you have any questions about your restorative options. We will be glad to help.