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Dovedale Dental Care is your number one local dentist office in Howard County. We focus on providing personal dental care to help each patient achieve optimal oral health. Along with proper at home oral health care, regular visits to our dentist office will support a healthy smile and prevent many dental diseases from developing. If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Benson, MD, Dr. Puneet Agarwal is accepting new patients.

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Preventive Dental Care for All Ages

As a general and family dentist office, we provide preventive dental care to children, teens, and adults. The ultimate goal is avoid all dental problems with routine dental care. Ideally, we want to see patients two times a year, about every six months. At these visits, we will do a full mouth exam screening for various dental issues and thoroughly clean your teeth. With children, we will also chart their teeth and monitor their oral development. We will take X-rays about once a year unless there are problems.

Education is a very important part of preventive dental care. At each stage in life, we can give you tips and advice on how properly care for your (and your child’s) teeth and gums at home.

Preventing Cavities in Children

You may find that we spent a significant amount of time with our younger patients discussing what they should and should not do to maintain proper oral health. Childhood cavities are the most common chronic disease in the US according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Every year, dentists are using dental fillings to treat tooth decay in children. This common dental problem among children is very preventable with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

The demand for cosmetic dentistry has significantly risen over the years. More and more people want a perfect smile and with advances in dental technology, it is easier than ever. Having a smile you love will significantly improve your self-esteem and that will impact every aspect of your life.

Dr. Puneet Agarwal is a talented cosmetic dentist in Benson, MD. During a cosmetic consultation, he will analyze your smile and your dental health. He will want to know what you dislike about your smile as well as what you like. We offer many affordable cosmetic dental treatments that can transform your smile including teeth whitening, dental bonding and porcelain veneers. We also provide Invisalign for patients who desire a straighter smile without using braces.

Dentist in Benson, MD Offering Laser Dentistry

With the addition of laser dentistry to our practice, we can offer pain free dental treatments. If you suffer from gum disease or a gummy smile, Dr. Agarwal can use the dental laser to treat your gums. Treating these common dental problems usually results in a lot of pain and recovery time for the patient. With a dental laser, the dentist can remove bacteria from deep in the gum line, contour the gums, and remove diseased tissue.

Learn more about the various dental services we offer at Dovedale Dental Care. If you are searching for a new dentist in Benson, MD for you and your family, Dovedale Dental Care is accepting new patients. As a top dentist in Howard County, Dr. Puneet Agarwal attracts patients from many local areas. Book your appointment today by calling 410-442-1173 or by requesting an appointment online.