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Tips for Oral Hygiene on Vacation

Are you traveling this fall? Whether you want to visit loved ones in another state or explore a new city, you know you have a lot to plan before you hit the road. If you want to maintain your oral hygiene routine, you will need to make preparations as well.

Though you may want to relax during your vacation, plaque will not take a break from affecting your teeth. You will need to continue healthy oral habits if you want your smile to look and feel its best. Read on to find advice from your dentist in Marriottsville, MD to keep up with your oral hygiene routine during your next trip.

healthy smiles while traveling

How Can I Maintain Good Oral Hygiene While Traveling?

Keep Hygienic Supplies Handy

When packing for your upcoming trip, your oral hygiene supplies might be at the top of your list. You floss and brush your teeth every day, so you will likely remember to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

But you do not always have easy access to your suitcase during your vacation. Luggage might be stowed on an airplane or locked in a hotel room while you traverse a new city. If you do not have these supplies with you, you might miss crucial preventative dental care.

Consider keeping your oral hygiene supplies close, in your purse or pocket, so that you can stick to your proper teeth cleaning schedule. You can prevent major dental damage by continuing these good habits.

Pack Healthy Snacks

You are likely looking forward to trying new restaurants or sitting down to a home-cooked meal with your family on this vacation. But you should also remember to plan for your snacking schedule too.

If you do not pack healthy snacks ahead of your trip, it might be harder to avoid caving into cravings. Sugary treats are notoriously bad for your teeth. Sugar can contribute to enamel erosion, heightening your risk of cavities.

But if you have options like nuts or dried fruit, you can eat those instead of unhealthy snacks that could damage your smile. Crunchy foods have the additional benefit of boosting oral hygiene too. The hard texture can scrape away plaque build-up while you eat them.

Drink Plenty of Water on the Go

You know you need to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day in order to stay hydrated. This can be harder to accomplish when you have a busy schedule on the go during a vacation.

Make sure you bring an easy-to-carry water bottle with you when you travel. This way, you can have an accessible water supply that will help you maintain adequate hydration levels.

If you become dehydrated, you risk dry mouth, a condition that may increase the chances of contracting oral infections like gum disease. Gum disease may cause irreversible dental damage, so you should take preventative measures when it comes to your periodontal health. Keep your gums healthy by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout your day, even on vacation.